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A lovely homage to Michelangelo. It's but a small section of the greater work, but the zoomed in image adds to the effect of this piece...

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The Hypocrisy of Sweetwater and Apache
So I don't often use the mature content filter for my work, but this one warrants it, in my opinion.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. I'm one of those who invites the government to pry my guns out of my cold, dead fingers. The overwhelming majority of rattlesnake roundup coordinators and attendees hold the same stance.

I find this grossly hypocritical.

The rattlesnake was America's first symbol, and is to this day the enduring symbol of the Second Amendment. I cannot comprehend how people can wave the Gadsden flag while at the same time subjecting the honorable animal emblazoned upon it to such horrific cruelty as would make the caesars of old giddy with bloodlust. So my message to those who are pro-gun and yet pro-blood sport is thus: Get off my side!
Disney Girls MBTI
A complete Disney girl chart for your enjoyment. Since the official Disney Princesses do not represent all the types, and ENFP is over-represented in children's media, I've had to use other, unofficial princesses and some non-princesses to fill the gaps.

I keep going back and forth on Ariel. I will have to watch TLM through a few more times before I settle on her dominant function. She displays the characteristics of both Se (impulsive, doesn't think her actions through, experiences the world through her senses) and Ne (dreamer, creative, easily distracted). For now, I've got her grouped with Anna and Rapunzel, both Ne-doms. In a future analysis, I will decide whether she is an ENFP or an ESFP. If I put her in the latter type, I'll update this chart.

Tiana is another question mark. From what little we've seen of her childhood, it is very difficult to tell if she developed Te or Si first. Her introverted side doesn't actually show through all that much; she has friends and enjoys socializing with them, but can't because of her work commitments. She's equally ambitious and traditional. With Tiana, the trick is figuring out which tertiary function she's starting to develop, as she is 19, and will be starting to show characteristics of strong Fi or Ne. Since we already have a definitive ISTJ princess, I've placed Tiana in the ESTJ spot for now. I kind of hope she is an extrovert, as we don't get to see many Te-doms among Disney ladies.

Tinkerbell has VERY little personality in Peter Pan. She's nothing more than a plot device. So for this chart, I'm going to go ahead and use her CGI movie personality. Truth be told, what little we do see of her personality in her premier movie seems to be dominant Ti with a risk of an Fe grip. So she uses either Se or Ne as her auxiliary function anyway. Megara is taking up the ISTP spot, so INTP goes to Tink.

Cassandra is our premier INTJ Disney girl, and I recently completed an exploratory analysis of her over on my Tumblr blog. I will follow up with a complete analysis of Cassandra in the future.
Generation Xerox - Pixar ENFPs Hector and Miguel
A new animated movie means a new chance to figure out MBTI types of the characters therein. And this one in particular I really wanted to do because I have thoroughly fallen in love with this Pixar film, and especially with the elder of these two adorable Rivera boys. What can I say? Hector is best skeledad. Hector and Miguel are an interesting study because Hector, who was 21 when he died, has an identifiable personality type, while Miguel, only 12, is still settling on his auxiliary function. But everything I have observed points to the two of them sharing a dominant function. Thus, for today's analysis, I'm going to make my case for why I believe Hector made Miguel an ENFP.

As the movie has now been released on DVD, I will be spoiling it with impunity. Just in case you didn't get that impression when I dropped Hector's last name a moment ago.

Dominant Ne - Extroverted iNtuition
Both Miguel and Hector are extroverts, leading with Ne. This allows us to see a great deal of ambiversion in both of them. They love spending time with others, but still need a decent amount of alone time. They are both very easily inspired by just about everything around them, taking in life with wide-eyed fascination. And they both have a primary source for their inspiration that is purely external. For Hector it's his family, and for Miguel, at first, it's his favorite singer, Ernesto de la Cruz. They remain open to multiple possibilities, and entertain what-if scenarios in their minds--Hector more tragically so. They both show that they can be fairly easily distracted, and when they do focus, they obsess. During the final months of his life, Hector could not focus on his musical career, as he was constantly distracted by thoughts of his family. Even when he did set his mind on returning home, he still allowed himself to be distracted momentarily by de la Cruz--a fatal mistake. Hector demonstrates a great deal of cleverness and creativity, having come up with multiple schemes over the years to try and cross that "dumb flower bridge." He encourages this cleverness in Miguel, an equally creative mind, who is just as easily distracted and is eager to pursue possibilities outside of shoe making. Both Miguel and Hector had big dreams, and for both of them, those dreams were changed by shifting priorities. They are no less dreamers because of it; even being dead doesn't stop Hector from dreaming. But as they mature, they learn to prioritize their dreams, which is a natural progression as they try to balance their dominant and inferior functions.

Auxiliary Fi - Introverted Feeling
Hector pretty clearly uses Fi. The prepubescent Miguel was heading this direction himself from the beginning, but this function was cemented in his personality after he got to know Hector. Hector is an idealist with a strong sense of identity. He is tied to his family. He considers himself a husband and father first and foremost, and a musician second. And when one of these identities is stripped from him, the other falls away, leaving a very depressed skeleton who has no idea who he is otherwise. To Hector, being forgotten isn't a fate he faces in the near future, but a present reality. He knows full well he was robbed of the potential he had to be the best family man and musician he could be. And he is not going to sit idly by and watch Miguel waste his own potential. Even if it costs Hector his life (so to speak), he's going to make sure Miguel doesn't lose his sense of identity and family, or stagnate in his talent. He encourages Miguel's artistic ability, teaching him how to overcome nerves when performing. But more important to Hector is the fact that Miguel needs to place his family ahead of his music. Music is a tool, but family is what truly helps a child build his moral foundation. While the rest of the Rivera clan was unable to help Miguel understand this due to their lack of support for him (which Miguel points out), Hector was successful because he did support Miguel. The end result of this is that Hector and Miguel are both willing to give up their dreams--their very identities--in order to help each other. Consequently, both achieve what they want through mutual self-sacrifice. Miguel never forgets the lessons Hector taught him, and he internalizes one in particular as his own personal moral code: Family comes first. Miguel attains a better sense of identity than he ever imagined he would have, establishing his personality.

Tertiary Te - Extroverted Thinking
Miguel is not old enough to be developing Te, but Hector was just beginning to really explore his Te when he died. His personality development in the Land of the Dead appears to have slowed significantly, as he still very much acts like a 21-year-old. But one could argue that he has had time to develop his tertiary and inferior functions to at least some extent, as he does occasionally demonstrate wisdom characteristic of one who is chronologically 117 years old. Though as an ENFP, Hector was always the type that valued wisdom at any age. He is not anywhere near as proficient in the use of Te as his wife, for whom it is a dominant or at least auxiliary function. He was never the dominant personality in his marriage or in his friendship with Ernesto. Hector was never terribly ambitious, and never saw himself as much of a leader. His ambition became clear to him on his last night alive; he wanted to be a good family man. As much as he wanted his music to become popular, he wanted to be there for his family more. His logical and efficient Te has started to balance out his emotional and highly reactive Fi by helping to keep him grounded in reality enough to put his dreams and crazy plans into action. And when Hector does go full dad mode, his Te shines through in his ability to be strict and refuse to take any lip from Miguel when the latter complains about not wanting his family's blessing. As is typical of Te, the only justification Hector gives for his behavior in that scene is, "You'll thank me later."

Inferior Si - Introverted Sensing
When an Ne-dom has visions that defy tradition, Si's love for tradition can trip them up and cause them to do or say things that sting more traditional members of their family. Hector and Miguel found this out the hard way. And how! Both desire to honor what their families want, and both crave the familiar when they no longer have it. But both are also more than willing to eschew tradition in order to achieve their goals. They are at odds with themselves. Hector less so, now that he's had a century to mature; as much as one can when one is forever 21, that is. Neither Hector nor Miguel shows frequent use of Si, demonstrating that it is very under-developed in both of them. They can certainly respect their family's traditions up to a point, but they don't claim to understand them. The only reason they agree to go along with those traditions in the end is because they have their own tradition of loving their family more than anything in the world. As Miguel matures, his Si will eventually balance out his Ne, allowing him to pursue his dreams guided by the precedent set by those who came before him; a concern his father Enrique directly addressed early in the movie. For his part, Miguel wants to follow the precedent of his great-great-grandfather by learning from Hector's mistakes and emulating Hector's commitment to his family.
The Elements in Hebrew
Script practice. If you can't guess which is which, I pity you. But I will give you the Romanization: Mayim, Eretz, Ash (seriously), Avir (I think; I haven't actually seen the niqqud for this one or heard it spoken, so I don't actually know how it's pronounced). Interesting that three of the four elements begin with aleph. Makes me wonder why water does not.

For the uninitiated, Hebrew is read right to left, which is why I've placed these images in the order that I have.
New Signature for 2018
Will probably be digitized at a later date. Most of the time when this signature appears, it will be in black and white.

I am presently in the process of teaching myself Hebrew via online courses and videos. During this process, I learned that I've been Romanizing my name incorrectly. It's not Derek; it's Derekh. Khaf sofit is always pronounced with phlegm.


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Thoughts on the needs of the ISTJ

Mon Feb 20, 2017, 6:26 PM

Every MBTI type has needs that pertain to the individual’s function stack. For an INFP like myself, those needs include a dream and someone to help me fulfill that dream. If I don’t have something about which I am allowed to be passionate almost to the point of irrationality, I grow listless.

The ISTJ also has specific needs, and it is on these needs that this analysis will focus. I was raised by an ISTJ and share my functions with this type. And I am presently reading a biography on the ISTJ Myers and Briggs most likely looked to when comprising their analysis and summary on the type: George Washington. Between the father of our country and my own father, I hope to be able to accurately assess what the ISTJ requires most.

The ISTJ is known by such nicknames as the Administrator, Protector and Dutiful. This type tends to be quite traditional and obedient, but with an underlying rebellious streak. Like all types, the ISTJ is complex and paradoxical. His dominant function being Si, he craves the familiar. He is often hesitant to proceed without a clear model to follow. He tends to dislike spontaneity and distractibility. He needs a routine to follow, lest he feel like he’s losing control. And yet at the same time, he manages to surprise himself with how free and happy he feels when, on those rare, special occasions, he throws out the schedule and decides to wing it. Te being the ISTJ’s auxiliary function, he is a natural born leader with a slew of ambitions. He wants to make something of himself. He feels he has something to prove to the world, and he is always keenly aware of how future generations will perceive him. He wants to set a positive example in order to guide future leaders. His tertiary function is Fi, and this gives him a sense of compassion, justice and sympathy. He keeps a tight rein on Fi, the most emotional of functions, but he may have a difficult time keeping Fi from manifesting rage when he perceives an injustice against himself or those in his charge. His inferior function being Ne, the ISTJ can often be frustratingly indecisive, especially as he approaches middle age. And no one is more frustrated with this weakness than the ISTJ himself. Ne can cause a mid-life crisis as the ISTJ reflects over missed opportunities that he had previously dismissed as trivial. On the positive side, Ne also provides the spontaneity that brings a much needed release of life’s cares at the times the ISTJ most needs a break.

Unlike the INTJ, who will drive himself into the ground to achieve any number of goals, the ISTJ tends to oscillate between contentedness and ambition. There are many points in an ISTJ’s life when he feels like he has arrived, and can settle into a familiar, comfortable pattern of a life fulfilled. But this never lasts long, and soon the ISTJ is up and running again, pursuing one more goal he had forgotten about. This, along with a sense of obligation caused by Te’s protective nature, is why ISTJs may have a hard time retiring, especially from public service. The ISTJ sees work as a lifelong obligation. It is not enough to have a career for 45 years, cash in on the 401k, then retreat to the Bahamas to live out one’s days in leisure. The ISTJ needs something to keep busy. Not something that demands his undivided attention, from which he cannot take an occasional break. But certainly something that will allow him to continue to feel useful and needed. In short, the ISTJ needs a project.

For George Washington, that project was Mount Vernon. While he helped build America, he was more than happy to turn that project over to younger, equally capable hands. But Mount Vernon had been his pet project from the time his older brother Lawrence died, before he had even gained full control of the estate. He was constantly finding ways to expand and improve his property, even designing a specialized grain threshing barn that proved far more efficient than traditional threshing methods. It was important to him that Mount Vernon stand out as a well managed, wealthy and beautiful estate, admired by neighbors and considered a paradise to his family. Washington had no end goal for Mount Vernon. He didn’t need one. Finding ways to continuously improve his property gave him joy enough. Indeed, no ISTJ really requires an end goal. He wants the security to be content where he’s at, but also the freedom to advance as he wishes.

For my own father, his project seems to be finding an unspecified dream career. Job hunting is more a hobby for him, as are bushcrafting and camping. He loves the idea of living well below his means, while at the same time being secure in a large home he wishes to one day build with his own hands. If one day he is able to achieve his dream home, he will almost certainly never stop finding ways to improve it. He never wants to feel like his work is completely done. To him, there is always something else to achieve, and he enjoys that pursuit of endless dreams. He believes strongly that one of man’s primary purposes in life is to work. But he also understands the importance of rest and reflection.

The ISTJ is a fairly common type. Odds are, you have an ISTJ in your life. It is important that you give your ISTJ what he needs to be happy and healthy. Encourage your ISTJ in his pursuits and projects, and be sure he takes adequate breaks. Never take his projects for granted or call them unimportant or trivial. Do these things, and you will have an ISTJ who is content whether he is at rest or at work.

Tardis skin created by MyntKat. Allons-y!
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