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Summary: The underground is working to get supplies to a contact in Romania and requests help from Stalag 13. So Hogan devises a plan to fool the Germans into believing that the contact, wanted by the Nazis, has fled west toward England, and is passing through Stalag 13 in disguise. While working his scheme, Hogan learns a bit about this peculiar pastor that goes beyond what he had expected.

Disclaimer: I claim nothing, I possess nothing, I own nothing.

AN: No Celebrities Were Harmed and Tuckerization are in play here.

Chapter One: An Unusual Job

“Mother Goose to Papa Bear. Come in, Papa Bear.”

Kinch sat bolt upright. Mother Goose was one of the largest, most extensive underground networks in Europe, and while Papa Bear had worked with their operatives before, they had never contacted Stalag 13 directly. Kinch scrambled to respond to the transmission.

“This is Papa Bear. Go ahead, Mother Goose.”

“Papa Bear, we are in need of some very important materials for one of our contacts in Romania, Vasile Georgescu. They are coming from a contact in France, and will pass through your area tomorrow at 0530. The contact who has them will meet you at the farm near your place at that time. We need you to send the materials the rest of the way to Bucharest.”

Kinch scribbled down the information. “Roger, Mother Goose. Over and out.”

With the radio shut down, Kinch headed upstairs to his barracks. As he climbed the ladder through the tunnel entrance located underneath his bunk, he smirked as he heard LeBeau and Newkirk arguing over dinner.

“Hey, kids, I hate to interrupt your culinary discussion, but is the colonel in?”

“Discussion?” LeBeau huffed. “I cannot discuss anything related to gourmet cooking without the hopelessly uncultured around me belittling my masterpieces!”

“Oh, leave off,” Newkirk retorted. “All I said was it ain't like home cooking.” He nodded in the direction of his commanding officer's bedroom. “The colonel's in his office, Kinch.”

“Did London give us a new job?” LeBeau asked as he returned to his stove top creation.

“No, Mother Goose did,” Kinch said, waving his note as he headed to the office.

Newkirk whistled. “Cor, Mother Goose? Must be a big job.”

“Not really,” Kinch responded. “It's a courier job. Small, but obviously pretty important if they contacted us directly.” He rapped on the CO's door before pushing it open and stepping inside.

“Hey, Kinch, what's up?” Colonel Hogan greeted his sergeant and right hand man.

“Message from the underground, Colonel. They need our help for a courier job.”

Hogan took the paper that Kinch held out to him and studied it. “Mother Goose. Must be critically important if they contacted us directly. Kinch, get on the radio with London and find out what you can about this Vasile Georgescu. I wanna make sure we have all the facts before we make contact with the courier.”

Kinch nodded. “Right, Colonel.” With that, the sergeant disappeared out of the office and back underground, leaving Hogan to ponder the information he'd received.

About ten minutes later, Kinch emerged from the tunnel once more. Hogan came out of his office just as the other men began peppering the radio man with questions. Kinch waved them off and handed his notes to his CO.

“London said they don't have anything on Vasile Georgescu,” Kinch reported as Hogan read over the message. “As far as they're concerned, he doesn't exist.”

“Could be a trap, then,” Newkirk supplied.

“Oui,” LeBeau said. “Are we gonna chance it, Colonel?”

Hogan hummed over the note. “London's given us permission to check it out, just in case there's a leak or a spy in Mother Goose's operation. 'Proceed with caution. Report findings.' I think it could be worth it.” He glanced at his radio man. “What do you think, Kinch?”

Kinch shrugged. “Colonel, you know by now we trust you completely. Whatever your call, I'll follow you.”

The other men nodded and voiced their agreement.

Hogan smiled. “That's what I like to hear. LeBeau, you and I will go out and meet the courier tomorrow morning. We'll inspect the merchandise and see if it's legit before agreeing to buy.”

“Oui, Colonel.”

“And if it's not?” Kinch asked.

Hogan shrugged. “We'll just tell 'em we're not interested in shopping with them.”


5:30 am came much too close to morning roll call for Hogan's liking, but a job was a job. He and LeBeau made it to the farm easily enough. They slipped inside the barn to meet their contact. The man they found appeared to be in his 30s, with dark hair and a face that reminded Hogan of a rabbi he'd met in Cleveland. Hogan directed LeBeau to keep watch while he spoke with their contact.

“Papa Bear, I hope?” the man asked, hand on his holstered sidearm.

“That's me,” Hogan responded. “You're with Mother Goose?”

The man nodded and held out a hand. “David Oster.”

Hogan shook the offered hand. “Listen, I know you're probably anxious to get back to your post.”

Oster nodded again. “Yes. I have much work to do in France.”

“Where are you from?” LeBeau called from his post at the door. “Because it's not France.”

Oster shrugged. “My family is from Romania. I moved to Paris to attend school. When the Germans took over the city I was cut off from my family back home. I was very nearly deported, but a friend found me a job with the Vichy government. I get information for the underground, but it is very hard keeping my head down. Especially since my brother-in-law is a known irritant to the Third Reich.”

“They're deporting people who aren't French or German?” Hogan said, confused.

“Well, not exactly. I am not what they consider the master race.”

Understanding dawned on LeBeau's face. “Jewish?”

“Yes. But at least in this work, if I am discovered, I will be shot. The alternative, for me, is far worse a prospect.”

Now Hogan was thoroughly confused. “They're deporting Jews?”

“Oui,” LeBeau said with a growl. “Le Boche think that anyone who is not their idea of the perfect human should be exterminated. They think they can get away with treating anyone they conquer like that, because the Geneva Convention I guess doesn't apply to occupied countries.”

Hogan suppressed a shudder of disgust at the Nazi regime. “So does this package you'd like us to deliver have something to do with Hitler's eugenics program?”

“Not directly,” Oster said. “It is for my brother-in-law. He has asked for some subversive materials to be printed in Russian, Romanian and German. He cannot get what he needs from Russia because they are no friendlier toward us than Germany is.”

“What kind of subversive materials?”

Oster directed them to a pile of hay. He pushed the straw aside to reveal a large chest. He opened it and handed one of the contents to Hogan. “The Nazi government has come to regard these as the most subversive materials one can possess. I don't know why myself, but my sister tells me that they are more precious than gold to those in Romania. She says these will help lead to the fall of the Third Reich, because they will inspire the people to take a stand against evil. I would not believe her, except I have already seen it work. Hitler fears those who use this, especially if they are Jews.”

Hogan simply stared at the parcel in his hands with incredulity. This was supposed to undermine the Third Reich? “Lemme see if I've got this, Oster. Somehow, a pocket New Testament and a few devotional materials are supposed to lead to the fall of Germany?”

“Yes, in a way,” Oster said. “The underground has its best workers in the church that stands against Hitler, and my brother-in-law is one of their most effective agents. He does not sabotage bridges, but he does sabotage propaganda. And he has been an unstoppable force. He uses these materials to recruit other church people and hidden Jews, and even to persuade loyal German officers to defect.”

“By preaching at them,” Hogan deadpanned, still in total disbelief.

“As I said, I would not believe it myself had I not seen it. One of our newest operatives is a Wehrmacht captain. He had witnessed the death of my own parents, and thought nothing of it until he was converted. Now he is a most valuable operative. He has saved hundreds of lives. The lives of my people. He is the one who is to receive these materials and send them on to Bucharest. You must get them to him in Berlin. He can be verified with your authorities. His call sign is simply 180 Degrees.”

Hogan shook his head. “I'm fighting the Nazis by mailing church supplies to some pastor in Romania. Unbelievable.”


Getting the chest back to camp proved easy enough, though Hogan and LeBeau were a few moments late for roll call. After Klink dismissed his prisoners, Hogan pulled his staff inside to discuss the mission.

“We've got the supplies downstairs,” he began. “We're supposed to get them to a contact in Berlin known as 180 Degrees.”

“That's an unusual code name, sir,” Newkirk commented.

“I know, but I'm told it will be easy to verify,” Hogan responded. He nodded to Kinch. “Kinch, I want you to find out everything you can about this guy. Make sure he's on the level.”

“What did they give you, Colonel?” Carter asked anxiously.

Hogan glanced at LeBeau, who simply shrugged. He sighed. “Bibles.”

“Bibles?!” Newkirk, Carter and Kinch repeated in unison.

“That's right. German, Romanian and Russian New Testaments, along with devotional materials.”

“'ow are we supposed to win a war with bleedin' Bibles?” Newkirk asked.

“No offense, Colonel,” Kinch added, “but if the Germans could be persuaded by threats of hellfire and brimstone, we could have ended the war two years ago just by sending them Billy Graham.”

“It's part of Vasile Georgescu's recruitment program,” Hogan explained. “Apparently he uses these materials to persuade otherwise loyal German officers to defect and secretly work against the Nazis. Our Berlin contact is supposedly one of his converts.”

“Oster's sure we can trust him, Colonel,” LeBeau offered.

“Yeah, but can we trust Oster?” Hogan countered.

LeBeau shrugged. “Well, he has put himself into a very dangerous position to help his brother-in-law with a mission that he probably wouldn't agree with if he hadn't seen those methods work. He stands to lose much more than we do if the Boche find out about him.”

“Hmmm,” Hogan mused. “Still, I don't want to make a move until I find out more about this 180 Degrees. Kinch, get on the wire.”

“Yessir,” Kinch replied.

Wurmbrand: A Hogan's Heroes fanfic
Trying out another multi-chapter story.  We'll see how it goes.  If I finish this, it'll be up on FFN.  The characters David Oster and Gunther Metzger are half mine, half their own.  Oster really did exist, and Metzger is the name I've assigned to a real Wehrmacht captain who played the role of an unsung hero after an encounter with the family of some Holocaust victims resulted in his conversion.
TLK Baby Card by MountainLygon
TLK Baby Card
A card I made for a friend.  I will consider making the printable PDF available in the future.  For now, tolerate the watermark.
12 - Biased Journalism by MountainLygon
12 - Biased Journalism
You have no idea how much I wanted to punch the news staff at USA Today for their completely irresponsible, bigoted, race-baiting "hard news" story.  Guy pulls gun on cop.  Cop shoots first in self-defense.  Media accuses cop of turning into Adolf Hitler and focuses solely on the fact that the cop was white and the guy who pulled the gun was black.  It is asinine!  Journalism is dead.  Long live the propaganda machine!

But the sidewinder's specs do make me smile, so this wasn't entirely a rage comic.
2014 Christmas Greeting by MountainLygon
2014 Christmas Greeting
I had this drawn out and colored, and then I kind of forgot about it.  So, better late than never.  Have some of my OCs singing Christmas carols.  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

From left to right:
Madison (Apex Team)
Andrew Saffir (Hurricane Force)
Buckwheat (western story tentatively titled Good Medicine)
Blondie (Good Medicine)
Katrina Wilson (Hurricane Force)
Mitch Haden (Hurricane Force)
Duke Benson (Good Medicine)
Viridia (Apex Team)
Ian "McGrub" MacLain (Good Medicine)
Hugo Simpson (Hurricane Force)
Angus (Apex Team)
Camille Rogers (Hurricane Force)
Cali (Apex Team)


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Commissions Open!

Sun Dec 7, 2014, 12:49 PM

Hello, loyal followers!

Next October, my church is taking a service trip to Lima, Peru to rebuild a church destroyed in a major earthquake.  The trip will cost approximately $3,000 per person.  Most of that is for jet fuel.  I need to raise that money by the first of August.  Which is why I am once again opening commissions!

Commission prices are as follows:

:bulletblue: Simple sketch - $5/character
:bulletblue: Line Art - $15/character
:bulletblue: Colored, simple bg - $20/character
:bulletblue: Additional foreground accessories - $3 per
:bulletblue: Colored, scenery bg - $25 + $15/character
:bulletblue: Logos - starting at $100
:bulletblue: Fan character designs - $25/character
:bulletblue: Original character, pre-designed - regular prices apply
:bulletblue: Original character designs - starting at $50/character
:bulletblue: Animated sprites - starting at $30
:bulletblue: Wallpapers - $25 + $15/character
:bulletblue: Webpage layouts (no coding) - starting at $50/page

There are certain commissions I will not accept:

:bulletred: Nudity, slash or explicit art (basically, if it requires a mature content filter)
:bulletred: Excessive gore
:bulletred: Fan art done in EXACTLY the style of the original (I have a distinct style and cannot guarantee an exact replica of the original; applies in particular to anime or animesque fan art)
:bulletred: Fan art or original art of any media/subject that I feel violates my code of ethics or conduct
:bulletred: Fan art intended to inflame ship wars/other disputes (this is at my discretion; note me for more info)
:bulletred: Fan art of another artist's fan character or original character, unless a note of permission is obtained and sent directly to me
:bulletred: Fan art of characters used solely for advertising for a company (the Geico gecko, Mr. Clean, the Aflac duck, etc.)
:bulletred: Political or editorial comics
:bulletred: Comics of any kind over two panels (I simply do not have time at this point to commit to large comic projects)

For Chrismas only, receive a free print with your commission!  For commissions due after Christmas, prints will be available starting at $3.  Please message me if you require a commission and print to be completed before Christmas.  There are items in the above list that I will not have time to complete before Christmas (such as animations and web layouts).  Please message me for information.

Tardis skin created by MyntKat. Allons-y!
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