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Crepuscular Glow by MountainLygon
Crepuscular Glow
The main character from a fanfic I have in the works.  Crepuscular Glow is a colt on the edge of stallionhood who has lived as a hermit since receiving his cutie mark.  He has precious little control over his magic.  The Mane Six have to use the 1 John 4:18 gambit (same one used in Frozen) to help him--that is, if Starlight Glimmer doesn't get to him first.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro and was created by Lauren Faust.  Crepusc belongs to me.
Official Brony Stud Card by MountainLygon
Official Brony Stud Card
I've heard some men who are skeptical of bronies complain that they are afraid they'd have to turn in their man card to join the fandom.  Not so!  Presenting the stud card!  It's like a man card, but better because it doesn't take into account the opinions of neigh-sayers.

Warning: Forfeiture of this card will result in demotion to the status of gelding until it is re-earned.

Threw this together real quick.  May scrap it later.
Hogan's Heroes MBTI by MountainLygon
Hogan's Heroes MBTI
Now, admittedly a lot of this is conjecture, and a few choices are based on fan portrayals of these characters.  I'll briefly explain each choice:

Analyst temperaments
:bulletblack:ENTJ - Colonel Robert E. Hogan, United States Army Air Force.  Hogan has developed his extroverted thinking (Te) and introverted intuition (Ni) to almost equal levels, but still displays extroverted tendencies, such as having to be in on everything going on at the camp, and ignoring people's personal bubbles.
:bulletblack:ENTP - Tech Sgt. Andrew J. Carter, USAAF.  Carter demonstrates an almost excessive use of extroverted intuition (Ne), constantly coming up with crazy, highly imaginative ideas, and getting too distracted to carry most of them out.  His expertise with explosives demonstrates a developed introverted thinking (Ti).
:bulletblack:INTJ - General Albert Hans Burkhalter, German Luftwaffe.  This one is based on conjecture.  Burkhalter demonstrates Te with introverted tendencies.  I don't believe he uses introverted sensing (Si), as he shows no interest in reminiscing the past or in pattern recognition.  So he probably uses Ni instead, which is a very difficult function to see in action.
:bulletblack:INTP - Major Wolfgang Hochstetter, Gestapo.  Hochstetter is actually very similar to Carter, using Ne and Ti.  He demonstrates Ti more often than Ne, making him an introvert.  He has a highly imaginative and obsessive personality, which is a result of Ne taking the auxiliary position in the function stack.

Sentinel temperaments
:bulletred:ESTJ - Marie Louise "Tiger" Manet, French Resistance.  This one is conjecture and is open to interpretation.  But Tiger seems to demonstrate Te as her dominant function, making her a match for Hogan in terms of ability to take control of a situation.  She is good with pattern recognition, a function of Si.  Being French, she's a bit unusual in that she is a Sentinel rather than an Explorer.
:bulletred:ESFJ - Master Sgt. Hans Schultz, Luftwaffe.  Schultz is a typical Caregiver type, using extroverted feeling (Fe) as his dominant function.  He is very compassionate and empathetic.  He enjoys reminiscing, and has almost no gut instinct, making it clear that he uses Si as his auxiliary.
:bulletred:ISTJ - Colonel Wilhelm Klink, Luftwaffe.  Klink's dominant Si is very highly developed, almost to the detriment of his other functions.  To put it in Hogan's words, "Klink and his monocle are still fighting WWI."  However, Hogan is able to invoke Klink's very underdeveloped Ne, keeping him confused so that he can't use his natural Si abilities to spot patterns around the camp.  Klink does use Te, but it often takes a back seat to his introverted feeling (Fi), causing him to get stuck in a dom/tert loop.  This results in his avoidant personality.  When Si and Te are functioning as they should, Klink is a very efficient administrator.
:bulletred:ISFJ - Hilda, Klink's secretary and Allied sympathizer.  ISFJs are commonly found in bookkeeping due to their dominant Si.  Hilda is also sympathetic toward the Allies, and seems to demonstrate the use of Fe.  This one is up to personal interpretation.

Explorer temperaments
:bulletblue:ESTP - Marya, White Russian Allied spy.  I had originally labeled Marya as an ENTJ due to her ability to run rings around even Hogan.  But the ESTP is just as capable as the ENTJ in doing this, and Marya's most developed function is clearly extroverted sensing (Se).  She is able to quickly analyze a situation using Ti, and can emotionally manipulate those around her using Fe.  She is also fickle, as the ESTP tends to be.
:bulletblue:ESFP - Corporal Louis LeBeau, French Air Force.  After some online discussion, I've changed my initial typing of LeBeau.  It would appear he does indeed use Se more often than Fi, though both are highly developed in him.  Se is a very alert, sensory function, which is commonly found in the top two slots of French function stacks.  LeBeau is also highly patriotic, priding himself on his identity as a Frenchman, which demonstrates his use of Fi.  The combination of these functions lead to artistic talent, which LeBeau demonstrates with his cooking, singing and acting abilities.
:bulletblue:ISTP - Corporal Peter Newkirk, Royal Air Force.  Newkirk is the snarkiest member of the group, using a dry wit indicative of Ti.  He is also a very sensory person, with his Se especially kicking in whenever girls are mentioned.  As a fairly typical ISTP, Newkirk doesn't have any respect for rank or office.  An individual must earn his respect, but when his respect is earned, Newkirk demonstrates a fierce loyalty and protectiveness toward that person.
:bulletblue:ISFP - Marie Bizet, French Resistance.  Marie is one of my favorite one-off characters, and her typing here is based mostly on my own head canon for her.  Though she does seem to demonstrate a use of Fi as her dominant function (one that I have an easy time identifying as an Fi dominant myself).

Diplomat temperaments
:bulletgreen:ENFJ - Frau Gertrude Linkmeyer, sister of Gen. Burkhalter.  This one is another bit of conjecture.  Diplomat temperaments are difficult to identify due to their rarity in real life and media, and especially in comedy.  Frau Linkmeyer does demonstrate Fe, and seems to be an extrovert.  Though she has not had a chance to demonstrate her auxiliary function, she does not appear to use Si.
:bulletgreen:ENFP - Group Captain (Colonel) Rodney Crittendon, RAF.  Crittendon is a lover of ideas, has a vivid imagination, and is very easily distracted--which is why he regards Carter as a kindred spirit.  Unlike Carter, Crittendon demonstrates a lack of analytical abilities, but an abundance of patriotism and pride in his self-identity, which is characteristic of Fi.  Crittendon is certainly an advocate of his favored causes, as the ENFP tends to be.
:bulletgreen:INFJ - Staff Sgt. James Ivan Kinchloe, US Army (Air Force?).  As Hogan's right hand man, Kinch would have to use Ni, acting on the same wavelength as his CO at all time.  Kinch could be an INTJ or INFJ.  He does not demonstrate much use of Si, Fi or Ti, so by process of elimination I concluded he must use Ni.  He seems to empathize with Hogan rather than depend on his own logic, and has the ability to emotionally manipulate others or act as their counselor.  Therefore he appears to use Fe rather than Te.
:bulletgreen:INFP - Cpl. Karl Langenscheidt, Luftwaffe.  This typing is based entirely on fan portrayals of Langenscheidt.  He is commonly shown to be an idealist, a bit shy, and quite introverted.  There is no character in Hogan's Heroes who is obviously an INFP (unlike MASH, where Father Mulcahy is very typical of that type), and Langenscheidt is the only recurring character on the show who even comes close.

Feel free to discuss.  Perhaps another character would be better suited in a given spot on this chart?  Perhaps a character on the chart has been misplaced?
MBTI Meme by MountainLygon
Familiar with MBTI?  Challenge yourself to draw 16 of your original or fan characters in their respective personality types.


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Commissions Open!

Sun Dec 7, 2014, 12:49 PM

Hello, loyal followers!

Next October, my church is taking a service trip to Lima, Peru to rebuild a church destroyed in a major earthquake.  The trip will cost approximately $3,000 per person.  Most of that is for jet fuel.  I need to raise that money by the first of August.  Which is why I am once again opening commissions!

Commission prices are as follows:

:bulletblue: Simple sketch - $5/character
:bulletblue: Line Art - $15/character
:bulletblue: Colored, simple bg - $20/character
:bulletblue: Additional foreground accessories - $3 per
:bulletblue: Colored, scenery bg - $25 + $15/character
:bulletblue: Logos - starting at $100
:bulletblue: Fan character designs - $25/character
:bulletblue: Original character, pre-designed - regular prices apply
:bulletblue: Original character designs - starting at $50/character
:bulletblue: Animated sprites - starting at $30
:bulletblue: Wallpapers - $25 + $15/character
:bulletblue: Webpage layouts (no coding) - starting at $50/page

There are certain commissions I will not accept:

:bulletred: Nudity, slash or explicit art (basically, if it requires a mature content filter)
:bulletred: Excessive gore
:bulletred: Fan art done in EXACTLY the style of the original (I have a distinct style and cannot guarantee an exact replica of the original; applies in particular to anime or animesque fan art)
:bulletred: Fan art or original art of any media/subject that I feel violates my code of ethics or conduct
:bulletred: Fan art intended to inflame ship wars/other disputes (this is at my discretion; note me for more info)
:bulletred: Fan art of another artist's fan character or original character, unless a note of permission is obtained and sent directly to me
:bulletred: Fan art of characters used solely for advertising for a company (the Geico gecko, Mr. Clean, the Aflac duck, etc.)
:bulletred: Political or editorial comics
:bulletred: Comics of any kind over two panels (I simply do not have time at this point to commit to large comic projects)

For Chrismas only, receive a free print with your commission!  For commissions due after Christmas, prints will be available starting at $3.  Please message me if you require a commission and print to be completed before Christmas.  There are items in the above list that I will not have time to complete before Christmas (such as animations and web layouts).  Please message me for information.

Tardis skin created by MyntKat. Allons-y!
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Austria-Man Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014
Here can you read it:
MountainLygon Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
See, that wasn't so hard.  Just a few extra words in the description and the whole thing is much clearer.
Austria-Man Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014
Actually it was all the time here. You should read the blank meme before.
MountainLygon Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Why?  I had no intention of filling it out because I had no idea who the actress was.  That was my whole problem with your filled meme.  We have no idea who she is, but we know she is NOT Korra OR Scootaloo.  At least, not in the language in which you presented the meme.  You can't just assume we know everything about the meme that you do.  If you want to share information, SHARE it!  Don't hide it away in a filing system that would make Melvil Dewey* want to beat his head against a brick wall.

Seriously, what is so hard about going back and editing your description to say, "This is the filled meme for my personal favorite roles for the German voice actress [insert whatever her name was here]?"  That way, when people say, "But Janet Varney is Korra," you can direct them back to the description and tell them that the adjective "German" implies that these are the characters from the German dub, not the English version.  Instead of leaving us to magically conclude that on our own with absolutely no logical way to make the connection.

My problem with your meme is your lack of communication.  You cannot expect me to infer what you refuse to say.  I flat out refuse to infer what you refuse to say.  That's not my job as the reader.  It is yours as the one giving the description.  I will not fill in the blanks on the message you send me.  I will only give you my response.  If you think my response doesn't match your message, give me a more complete message, instead of being all cryptic and then whining that I don't get your vague or obtuse references.  Communication basics: Use them.  You'll never get anywhere in this medium if you don't.

*The guy who came up with the Dewey Decimal Classification System, which is used to sort books in libraries.
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Hey There Just resubmitted  Korra - Chibi Faces with some small edits!  Go check it out! also i think your right but Varrick has all the best lines! 
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