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My Little Pony Controversy Meme by Deecat98 by MountainLygon
My Little Pony Controversy Meme by Deecat98
Blank meme here: My Little Pony Controversy Meme Blank by DEEcat98

My selections...

:bulletgreen: Favorite character: Applejack.  She's gaining popularity in the fandom, but I've always loved her for her family dynamic.

:bulletgreen: Despised character: Prince Blueblood.  There's a difference between making a character unlikable and making him weak as a character.  And Blueblood has both traits in spades.  Thus he annoys me greatly.

:bulletgreen: Favorite season: So far, each season has been better than the previous one.  Well, 2 and 3 are tied.  But the point is, season 5 has really stood out this year.  I can only hope that the writing continues to get better with each season.

:bulletgreen: Weakest season: As stated previously, each season is better than the one before.  Which means season 1 is the weakest, in my opinion.  That's comparing it to the show as a whole.  By itself, it still stands out among standard cartoon fare available these days.

:bulletgreen: Overrated character: Gilda.  As a character, she was very underdeveloped in her first appearance, but the fandom still raved about her.  Now that she's gotten some more development, I find her to be a good character who should be praised for what she brings to the table now.  I could list several background ponies here as well, but with the exception of Slice of Life, they aren't exactly what I'd consider developed characters.

:bulletgreen: Most underrated character: Spike.  Poor, abused, neglected Spike.  The strongest Spike episode we get is Inspiration Manifestation, and unfortunately, it's pretty much the only Spike episode that actually is written strongly.  Spike's character really needs more exploration.

:bulletgreen: Favorite villain: That hasn't been redeemed? Tirek.  He was the first villain to pose a legitimate threat of world domination and total destruction, and unlike Discord, he wasn't interested in the least in anything but power.  Of the villains who have been redeemed, my favorite is Sunset Shimmer, because while she was forgiven by the Mane Six, she had to work hard to earn her way back into the good graces of the Canterlot High student body.  She became an atoner, and that always makes for a good story.

:bulletgreen: Least favorite villain: Flim and Flam.  They're weak as far as antagonists go, seemingly existing for the sole purpose of being a thorn in the Apple family's side.  They are what Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon used to be; one-dimensional bullies who could really use some characterization with a good backstory.

:bulletgreen: Favorite song: "The Magic Inside."  It's probably MLP's most simplistic song, and there's a passion and elegance to it that goes so far above and beyond any of the other songs in MLP that I couldn't help but instantly fall in love with it.

:bulletgreen: Least favorite song: I avoided putting a song in this spot that was actually intended to be bad because that's too easy.  So "Find a Pet" takes the title.  It's pure exposition, drawn out with no real advancement to the story, and not terribly clever or poetic either.  Not my favorite by any means.

:bulletgreen: Favorite episode: Season 5 has all of my top three favorite episodes, and of those three, Crusaders of the Lost Mark holds the number one spot.  A close second would be Amending Fences.

:bulletgreen: Least favorite episode: Swarm of the Century.  I have a degree in a communication field.  So it drives me absolutely nuts that it's somehow the rest of the Mane Six's fault that Pinkie refuses to communicate clearly.  They're doing their absolute best to figure out a solution to the Parasprite problem, and Pinkie, the mare with the answers, is keeping them all to herself and making demands for things that are totally unrelated to the situation at hand.
Janey Cover Art by MountainLygon
Janey Cover Art
After American Pharoah won the Triple Crown in June, I was inspired to start writing another story, this one following the journey of a filly determined to win the Triple Crown.  Janey's story combines elements of Secretariat and Spokane's tales of rising to glory in the horse racing world.  Appropriately, she is descended from both of them.  Like Secretariat, and Secretariat's relative Ruffian, she is highly competitive and determined.  She also inherited Secretariat's very large heart.  Like Spokane, she is from Montana, and has a stripe and two hind stockings.  Janey uses blinkers to help keep her focused during a race, as she can be easily distracted by the mockery of colts with whom she competes.

Character bio
Name: Sacagawea
Sex: Filly
Stable name: Janey
Pedigree: By Corpsofdiscovery out of Tweedy Bird
Birthplace: Secretariat Meadows, KY
Owners: Chinook Stables, Choteau, MT
Trainer: Leslie Clark
Regular Jockey: Louis LeClaire
Height: 16.8 hh
Color: Black
Markings: Stripe, two hind stockings
Obverse George - Sketch by MountainLygon
Obverse George - Sketch
Every racehorse has a pony.  The pony is the horse (not necessarily an actual pony) who escorts the racehorse to and from the track, providing companionship and an extra measure of control.  Janey's pony is a retired old cutter by the name of George.  He acts as a mentor and voice of reason to Janey, helping her rein in her temper and teaching her a few tricks to assist her on the track.  He belongs to Janey's trainer, Leslie, and the two are well known on the rodeo circuit, having competed all over the continent, including the Calgary Stampede.  Leslie has had him since she started competing at 15.

Character bio:
Name: Obverse George
Breed: Quarter horse
Age: 24
Sex: Gelding
Sport: Cutting
Color: Flaxen chestnut
Markings: Blaze and two front socks
Height: 15.2 hh
Janey - Sketch by MountainLygon
Janey - Sketch
A sketch of Janey and her jockey, Louis LeClaire, on parade with the blanket of white carnations that grace the withers of every Belmont Stakes winner.  In the background is a lineup of each of the previous Triple Crown winners and their stable colors, which are put on display every time a horse wins the first two legs of the Triple Crown and competes for the third jewel.

Fun fact: The very first Belmont Stakes was won by a filly.  However, no filly has won the race since the length of the race was changed from 10 to 12 furlongs (1 1/4 miles to 1 1/2 miles).
Janey Expressions by MountainLygon
Janey Expressions
Some expressions and notes from my original story, "Janey."  I intend to portray the horses' eyes realistically (with the exception of defined eyebrows), as a personal challenge.


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Why do Thinkers look like Feelers?

Mon Nov 9, 2015, 11:41 AM

INFPs frequently mistype as INTPs. ENFJs are often just as ambitious as ENTJs. ESFPs are just as fun loving and carefree as ESTPs, and can also be just as clever and witty. ISFJs and ISTJs are both stubbornly traditional and fiercely protective. So what makes Feelers and Thinkers look so much alike? And in typing them, how can one tell the difference?

Online Myers-Briggs quizzes evaluate users according to a sliding scale of four letters: E vs. I, N vs. S, T vs. F and J vs. P. The result is that many users are told they are a certain percentage of one of each letter. This is where ambiverts come from; people who are told that they are 50% introverted and 50% extroverted (the truth is that no such person exists, anymore than does anyone who is 100% introverted or extroverted). They are also told that they may be 67% Judging and 33% Perceiving, or 40/60 iNtuitive and Sensing, etc. Many people, especially Feelers, are told that they straddle the line between Thinking and Feeling. So how do you really determine the difference?

You start by learning about the cognitive functions. For instance, it is impossible to be anywhere near half Perceiving and half Judging, as any two types that have two common middle letters, but different last letters have no functions in common. Because we use two classes of function–Perceiving functions (iNtuition and Sensing) and Judging functions (Thinking and Feeling)–everyone has characteristics of Judging and Perceiving types. But you are either one or the other, depending on whether your most developed extroverted function is a Perceiving or Judging function. And since each function can be introverted or extroverted, the total number of cognitive functions available to us to use is eight: Ni, Ne, Si, Se, Fi, Fe, Ti, Te. Each function has different distinguishing characteristics, and if you can identify which two functions a person uses most, you can determine their personality type. As each person uses as their top two both an introverted function and extroverted function in turn, as well as a Perceiving function and Judging function in turn, once you figure out one function (say, Se), you know you only have to guess between two other functions in order to pin down the individual’s type (e.g. Ti or Fi, creating xSTP or xSFP). The direction of the dominant function’s focus (inward or outward) determines whether that person is an E or an I (e.g. a person who uses Ti first and Se second is an ISTP).

Knowing the functions and how they work is the best and easiest way to estimate an individual’s type, as well as the best way to understand your own type. Perceiving functions are often easier to identify than Judging functions. Perceiving functions focus on different points in time. So if your friend is very focused on the future and lives in a world of possibilities, it’s likely that they are iNtuitive. If they focus on the past or present much more often, they are probably Sensing.

So if that MBTI quiz tells you that you are half Thinking and half Feeling, no big deal, right? You just have to figure out which Judging function you use more. Couldn’t be any harder than figuring out which Perceiving function is your favorite.

Turns out this is easier said than done. The trouble with the Judging functions is that they often look alike, despite bearing more stereotypes than the Perceiving functions.

So what is the real difference between Thinkers and Feelers? In a word, motive. The job of the Judging functions is to process and apply information in a manner that is meaningful to the user. They also act as support to the Perceiving functions, which compare and make sense of information, figuring out how to archive it. Thinkers and Feelers often have a very similar approach to a situation, especially if the Judging function–be it introverted or extroverted–is the dominant function. But their reasons for dealing with information at all are very different.

Thinkers believe in objective truth. They want to know what reality is and how they can use it. They generally do not believe reality can be changed, at least not easily and not by their individual effort. Feelers believe in subjective truth. They want to know what reality is and how they can change it. If it’s a favorable reality, Feelers are unlikely to change it and more likely to cling desperately to it, even if it changes on its own. Whereas Thinkers see that reality has changed of its own accord, shrug their shoulders and move on. When Thinkers encounter an obstacle, they find a way over or around it, or even find a way to use it to their advantage. When Feelers encounter an obstacle, they attempt to change it to something favorable to them.

Imagine a very powerful wizard on a journey. He comes to an impassible mountain. If he is a Thinker, he might use his magic to fly over or tunnel through the mountain. If he is a Feeler, he may turn the mountain into chocolate and eat his way through (Feeling types love chocolate; this is a simple fact of life).

So Thinkers are objective and Feelers are idealistic. But that doesn’t necessarily make them easy to tell apart at first glance.

Introverted Thinkers and Feelers both love analysis and fact finding. They can memorize lots of useless trivia and mentally dissect great amounts of information. They are also both witty, and can inflict some pretty impressive verbal burns. But the difference lies in the why. WHY do Ti and Fi users memorize useless trivia? WHY do they dissect and analyze concepts? Put simply, to the Ti user, useless trivia is just that; useless trivia, which they may use to sound smart and thus impress you. But to the Fi user, it is anything but useless. The Ti user analyzes things for the sheer pleasure of analysis, seeking to find exactly what makes an object, person or idea tick. The Fi user analyzes things to find their purpose. The Fi user is interested in the core of an object or person’s being. They want to know what makes the object, person or idea important. A Ti user and an Fi user can be equally analytical and equally emotional. To tell the difference between them, you must think like the Fi user and find the deeper purpose behind their actions.

Extroverted Thinkers and Feelers are both practical and ambitious, and often excel in leadership. They are both able to inspire masses to follow them, and are very commonly found in high positions in business or politics. They are also both very protective of those under their command or care, and may have very similar reasons for being protective of a person or thing. Finally, they both make formidable opponents in almost any competitive endeavor. But as with their introverted counterparts, the key differences between them lie in the why. There are also some differences in their respective approaches, as they, unlike their introverted counterparts, feed on energy from their environments. They require external factors to fuel them. Te users wish to accomplish an objective goal. They want to make others see reality for what it really is. Their approach will generally be very straight forward, powering through obstacles without slowing. They are energized by efficiency in the world around them, and will work to keep that efficiency. Fe users wish to accomplish a personal goal. They want others to see reality the way they see it, because they believe that reality can be changed if enough people will it to be so. Their approach will be more diplomatic, or even emotionally manipulative, though may appear to be just as blunt as the Te user. They are energized by the responses of people around them, and want to keep people responding in a manner that is positive or favorable to them. A Te user and an Fe user can be equally stoic and equally passionate. To tell the difference between them, you must be able to identify their true motives.

Tardis skin created by MyntKat. Allons-y!
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My problem with your meme is your lack of communication.  You cannot expect me to infer what you refuse to say.  I flat out refuse to infer what you refuse to say.  That's not my job as the reader.  It is yours as the one giving the description.  I will not fill in the blanks on the message you send me.  I will only give you my response.  If you think my response doesn't match your message, give me a more complete message, instead of being all cryptic and then whining that I don't get your vague or obtuse references.  Communication basics: Use them.  You'll never get anywhere in this medium if you don't.

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